The links below are resources from "Medical Practice Trends" blog by Peter J Polack MD FACS published by Emedikon.
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IT and EMR Project Strategy Maps

IT Project Management Strategy Map

Use this strategy map for setting up your IT projects with your project manager and your vendor's project manager. It is best used as an alignment tool throughout the life of the project to level-set expectations of both parties. If your vendor does not understand this workflow, you should question their capabilities in performing project management, as this is based on the industry standard from The Project Management Institute (PMI Model).

IT Project Turnaround Strategy Map

Use this strategy map as a diagnostic tool for whether your IT project is already in trouble or heading off in the weeds. Each of these steps builds to a conclusion to whether the project should be scuttled or whether it has hope for being realigned.

EMR Adoption/Rip & Replace Strategy Map

This strategy map is specifically tailored to the challenges of adopting your first EMR or to using best practices in acquiring a replacement EMR. Most practices skip to Step 5 and set themselves for massive cost overruns or outright project failure.